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Ensuring that a website is online and functioning well is a crucial prerequisite for its success. We have developed a software that monitors all important parameters for exactly this purpose. The software continuously monitors if the website is available and returns the correct status. In addition, Webmetry takes over the task of monitoring how the software can be „read“ by Google. The parameters recorded include, for example, the performance and SEO score from Google Lighthouse.

Webmetry offers the following features:

WordPress Monitor

Many of our websites are based on the popular CMS WordPress. Everyone knows the problems of open source systems – the security gaps that open up if the CMS is not kept up to date. This is exactly where our tool WordPressMonitor comes in. The system monitors the update status of plugins and the core system. If desired, automatic updates can be set for both the plugins and the core system. In case something goes wrong, a backup will be created before each update. For optimal security, a full backup of each page including media is created once a day.

Webmetry offers the following features: