Performance Marketing

Search Engine Advertising

SEA, short for Search Engine Advertising, belongs to the field of online performance marketing. This form of marketing allows your website to occupy the first places on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, even above the organic search results. Advertising on partner websites of search engines (display advertising) also falls into the area of search engine advertising.

We analyse the content in your area and find the best and most suitable keywords for your Google Adwords campaign. After the analysis, we book these keywords so that the ad placement happens successfully. You should determine beforehand which keywords and/or keyword combinations the ads will contain. Not only do we create display campaign for Google, but also for your social media channels.

Why do SEA and the Google Ads campaign play a key role?

Even though your website has been SEO-optimised, it is increasingly difficult to gain visibility these days because of the competition. When a user uses a search query in your field, your products or services are displayed as the first results. The advantages of Google campaigns are:

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