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Nowadays, a company’s own website is absolutely essential. It is an important part of marketing and external presentation. It is crucial for your website to be up to date in terms of design and technology. After all, an appealing layout and flawless functionality are a must for a good internet presence. That’s why you should let our experts at DigitalGoal create your website.

Why is a homepage important for a company?

For potential customers, a company’s homepage is the first place to go for information. On it, they can find out about services, references and industry-specific topics, among other things.This is because the importance of the latter function has increased in recent years as search engine optimization has become more and more important. Among other things, it aims to provide users with relevant information. If a user is looking for answers to a specific question, company homepages can be important sources of information. After all, it is common for searches and visits to the website to be accompanied by purchases. Thus, additional turnover can be generated with a company website. This is especially true if the services and products can be ordered via an affiliated online shop.

However, it is not only important for customers to find out about a company online, because this also applies to potential new employees. They find out on the website which jobs are vacant at all. They can also learn more about the company itself. This includes, among other things, the mission statement and the future prospects, which can be presented unfiltered to the outside world. With this information, applicants can better assess how their own identity fits with that of the company. A modern website alone is an important signboard with which a company can demonstrate its future competence. When you buy a website from us, you also present yourself as a modern company.


Last but not least, a company’s website can help to invite users to contact them. They will find all relevant address and telephone data there. Moreover, many websites present the contact persons for different areas. This also helps to make customer communication more efficient, because many clients will make use of this service and contact the right person for their purposes directly. This relieves the burden on the secretariat, which would otherwise have to answer and transfer the telephone calls.

Why is DigitalGoal the right partner?

If you want to have a new homepage created for your company, you should not hesitate to contact the experts of DigitalGoal. We have been established on the market for ten years and, thanks to their knowledge, our professionals can offer all customers an individual and satisfactory solution. Before you buy or rent a website from us, we will provide you with a detailed consultation to determine your needs and eliminate any possible mistakes. When planning, we also always look ahead: We take into account the current web design trends so that your website will still function flawlessly in a modern look in a few years‘ time.

For customers who want us to create a website, we have tailored our services so that there is no background maintenance work for them. We take care of everything from reserving the domain and hosting to setting up email addresses and website marketing to maintenance. In this way, we cover all essential areas. We place a particularly high value on the topic of security, so that our customers‘ websites function smoothly and are permanently accessible. This includes permanent system checks. Your advantage is that you buy a homepage and receive all other services from one source. This means you don’t have to go troubleshooting with several contact points if problems arise.

We believe in meeting our customers‘ requirements to the fullest. That’s why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee when you buy a website from us. It is a promise to you that our experts will always do their best. However, if you are still dissatisfied with partial services, you should not hesitate to make use of our satisfaction guarantee.

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Services for website creation

A professional business website is not a mass product. There is no simple concept that can be implemented in all cases. In fact, its design and structure must be developed specifically for the customer’s needs. This requires an intensive planning process if you want to have a homepage created. After the most important work has been completed, we hand over the finished website to our clients.


Requirements management

At the beginning there is an idea. Together with you, we find out what requirements are attached to this project. It is also important that we develop a common understanding of how and with what purpose your website will be created. 



After the successful recording of the requirements and consideration of all relevant factors, we can develop a target-oriented concept for your project.


Technology & Design

There are innumerable possibilities to realize this for every project. Together with you, we will decide which technologies are necessary and create the design for the project accordingly.


CMS Solution

Thanks to a clear and intuitive content content management systems (CMS), maintaining the website is easy to learn. If necessary, we also update the CMS with the latest update. This ensures that the website meets the current security standards and is thus safe from attacks. Moreover, the updates we carry out improve the performance, so that a technical failure of the website is less likely.


Domain & Server

We also support our customers in registering the domain and booking server space. So-called web space is required to store the files and make them accessible to users. We guarantee that the servers are located in Germany. This ensures data security; after all, the systems are DSGV-compliant. If desired, we can also set up e-mail addresses that match the domain.



By using our analytics tools, we can precisely determine how many users access the website. If the values do not correspond to the defined goal of the customer, we can address additional interested parties through targeted website marketing measures. Our many years of experience help us to use these steps efficiently and in a target group-oriented manner. In this way, they unfold their optimal effect.