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Let us create your own online shop. You don’t have to worry about anything and can fully concentrate on selling.

E-commerce is now an established business field. The annually growing turnover figures of online trade have made the second pillar online shop a sales channel that can keep up with stationary trade. Sell independently of shop closing times and reach new customers with an online shop.

Why will you need an online shop?

Whether as a pure online business or as an additional sales channel alongside stationary trade – selling goods via the internet has long since become a lucrative business. Even shoes and other clothing can be sold successfully in an online shop. According to a recent study of GfK (Growth from Knowledge), 70% of consumers have shopped online in 2020. E-commerce has advantages for both retailers and consumers. Being able to shop independently of shop closing times and without stressful searches for parking spaces in congested city centres has already won over more and more customers before 2020. Advantages that the majority of customers will continue to appreciate in the future. As a retailer, you benefit from the fact that your shop is always open and can be reached practically from anywhere. In this way, you reach many more customers than would be possible in bricks-and-mortar retail alone. A real win-win situation for customers and retailers.
Even if you are already successful with a stationary shop, an online shop is attractive for you, because it turns out that most customers remain loyal to their preferred retailers on the internet as well. Of course, this only works if you are also represented online. So what are you waiting for?


Why is DigitalGoal the right partner for your online shop?

You can set up an online shop „off the shelf“ comparatively cheaply and without technical knowledge. However, of course this also takes time – your time. On the other hand, if you don’t work in a specific niche market, you will be lost in a long list of competitors online. It is also questionable whether customers will find you at all and remember your shop the next time they make a purchase and come back to you.
For successful e-commerce, you need a shop that stands out from your competitors, in which you can present your goods in a way that appeals to your target group, your customers can find the items they are looking for immediately and pay quickly, easily and securely using their preferred payment method. Being at the top of the search engines is just as obligatory as complying with all legal requirements regarding data protection. The freestyle is discount and special sales promotions, customer care, an analysis of business operations to plan and improve marketing measures and, if you want to reach international customers, multilingualism, sales price calculation with different tax rates and variable calculation of shipping costs.
If you want an online shop that offers these possibilities, DigitalGoal is the right partner for you. We bring the know-how to set up your shop, from conception to design and technical implementation. We take care of the complete shop set-up for you, so you can concentrate on the business.
Read about the services DigitalGoal offers for the creation of your online shop.

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Our services for your online shop

In online business, the competition is only a click away. In order to be remembered by your customers, you need a solution that scores with individual design and is tailored exactly to the requirements of your customers. We take the intensive work of creating such an online shop off your hands, from the planning to the technical implementation of the „turnkey“ shop.


Requirements management

It’s a long way from the literal blank page to the finished online shop. Often you discover along the way that some things are different than you thought at the beginning. The requirements you and your customers have for your online shop are only the first step on this path.  We check all along the way to ensure that the requirements you gathered at the beginning are clearly understandable and still correspond to the facts. For us, the development of your online shop is a project that we implement in partnership with you in constant exchange. This is how we ensure that the quality is always right, so that you and your customers are satisfied.



No matter if you want to sell your self-designed unique handbags, supply model makers with thousands of different tools and parts, or if you are a manufacturer of machine parts and plan to sell your products online internationally through direct sales, we at DigitalGoal will design the right online shop for you, your products and your customers. Every product has its target group, every target group has its own requirements. We will develop the optimal concept for you to reach your target group.


Design & Layout

Design meets two purposes. First of all, it helps customers to find the goods and information they are looking for as quickly as possible and to buy them as easily as possible. On the other hand, it is the face of your online shop, which should be as distinctive as possible so that it remains in your customers‘ memory and they come back. Recognition value is especially important online because the competition is only a click away. We will design a distinctive look for your online shop and give it a layout that guides customers unerringly to the goods they are looking for and then to the checkout.


Shop solution

The choice of e-commerce systems is as diversified as the trade itself, bringing with them the necessary functions for different areas of application, assortment and customer base sizes and marketing strategies. We at DigitalGoal know the systems, know what they can do and how to expand them if necessary and connect them to other software systems, such as merchandise management. Obviously, our projects respect the security standards at all, according to GDPR.


Domain & Server

We support you in booking webspace (storage space) for your online shop with a hosting provider and one or more domains so that your shop can be reached reliably and quickly by your customers on the internet at all times. If you wish, we can also set up the corresponding e-mail addresses for you. The servers in question are guaranteed to be located in Germany, so that data security and data protection in accordance with GDPR are guaranteed.



How do customers use your shop? Which items are in high demand, which are less, which items could be presented better, what might be missing from your range? With our analysis tools you can get to know your customers even better. Expand your customer base, improve your online shop and increase your sales. Of course, we also pay attention to compliance with the GDPR when analyzing this data.